Season 4 Battle Pass, sprays are collectible cosmetic items

Introduced in Season 4 Battle Pass, sprays are collectible cosmetic itemsthat can be used to apply graffitied images to surfaces within free v bucks generator no human verification . Upon Walmart’s reveal of their exclusive spray, featuring a mohawked disco ball, some players reported that they were already in possession of it. Indeed it seems that the Boogie spray, a reward from Tier 12 of Season 5 Battle Pass featuring the word “Boogie” scrawled in a graffiti-style, was updated to the disco ball image with Patch 6.30.

The spray has since been reverted to its original form, and it is speculated that the temporary update may have been simply a graphic test before Epic Games handed the spray over to Walmart. While this cosmetic change comes with minimal damage, the familiarity of the image may have deflated Walmart’s reveal for some fans.

Fortnite‘s popularity continues to grow exponentially. Recent reports have indicated that there are over 200 million registered players, and a new partnership with the NFL has further solidified it as a full-blown cultural phenomenon. This Walmart event seems like just another stop on Epic Games’ victory tour, and fans that are willing to brave the elements can look forward to their new, exclusive cosmetic.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.


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